Having worked within business organisations before moving into practice, the team at Alpha Business Services are fully aware of the needs of small and medium sized businesses. We are as accountants and business advisors, far more accessible than many of our peers and we believe that within ever changing environments where businesses need to constantly review there positions and react quickly, it is inappropriate not to be able to talk candidly at length with your accountant.

The emphasis for Alpha Business Services is to provide a bespoke solution to you addressing your needs more closely. We aim to provide a quality service to all businesses.

We will provide a solution to all your needs from providing accounts (in a statutory format where limited) to book-keeping and payroll bureau where required.

Within this framework we will provide you with a constant stream of practical advice and can take on the financial control of your company allowing you to free your time to devote your energies into running your company profitably.

Monthly Or Quarterly Management Accounts

Alpha Business Services can develop customised management information reports which will provide the business with timely and accurate information allowing it to review and control its financial performance. The key to making this service invaluable is the ability for us to work closely with the client to tailor reporting requirements to the individual needs.

Management accounts help the business to focus on making correct commercial decisions on issues such as funding, risk analysis, performance improvement. They can be a necessary requirement when banks or venture capitalists provide funding.

Regular management accounts information also provide the basis for pre year end tax planning opportunities.

Providing Budgets And Cash Flow Forecasts

Budgeting and cash flow forecasting are essential disciplines for managing businesses effectively. They also assist business owners and management to obtain funding via banks or other potential investors.

We can assist in the preparation and interpretation of cash flows and budgets.


In todays continually changing climate we understand that the best approach for our clients is to strike a balance between achieving low tax costs and the prospect of regulatory challenge and sustainability.

Our tax services include

Company Formation And Company Secretarial Services

Accounting software

We are able to give advice on the most suitable accounting software for your business. We are Sage accountants, Quickbooks advisors and specialise in cloud accounting solutions such as KashFlow online book keeping and Sage Business Cloud Accounting. We can therefore provide help in assessing these systems for your business and assist in the implementation and support of these systems. We can also provide information on a suite of apps that will assist your business such as receipt bank for automating your book keeping process and tripcatcher for making recording of business journeys an breeze.

Business Development

Strategic And Business Planning

Everyone knows that successful businesses must plan ahead and continually refine their plans but all too often the pressures of running the business from day to day will often result in planning not being given the attention it deserves at best and completely ignored at worst. This can often result in businesses making rushed and often ill considered decisions, over/under capacity, or missed opportunities.

Every business owner needs a planning advisor who can take the long term view and advise on appropriate course of action. With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge developed through working for businesses we can provide the necessary expertise to guide the business owner through the planning process.

Business Development Consultancy

Alpha Business Services can help to provide analysis in pricing decisions, costing, break even analysis, HR policies, health and safety advice and advise on many other aspects of your business often with assistance from its business partners.


Company Valuations

Often the two things that should be uppermost in the business owners mind are what is my business worth and how can I increase the value of the business. Alpha Business Services can assist in producing a valuation for the business and evaluating any envisaged changes.

Valuations can help when

There is a requirement to buy or sell a business – by understanding the value of a business it can enable the business owner to take steps to

1) Improve the net worth of the business
2) Decide upon the best time to sell the business
3) Negotiate better terms
4) Complete a purchase more quickly

To assist in getting others to invest in the business e.g. business angels or venture capitalists – a valuation of the business can assist in setting a price for new shares to be issued.

To create an internal market for shares – this can assist in buying or selling shares in a business at a fair price e.g. where a director wishes to retire and sell his shares.

Business Acquisitions And Disposals

Sometimes the best way to improve the businesses position in its market place is through looking at a merger or acquisition. This can be a complex and time consuming process which, if not thoroughly researched and correctly negotiated can make the business worse rather than improving it.

Alpha Business Services can assist the business by :

1) Identifying potential targets
2) Screening targets for suitability and fit.
3) Assisting in negotiations
4) Helping to raise the necessary business finance
5) Developing a plan to integrate the business
6) Optimising the tax and financial position of the new combined business

Should the business decide to concentrate on more profitable areas of the company and divest itself of less profitable units the we can help by :

1) Identifying areas of least fit or less profitable parts of the business
2) Providing assistance with valuing the assets
3) Finding prospective buyers
4) Negotiating the deal.

Financial Due Diligence

For peace of mind on potential acquisitions Alpha Business Services can provide a financial analysis of the target company reporting on weaknesses and anomalies which need addressing.