Iris Snap for Kashflow

Book Keeping made EASY using Iris Snap!

Iris snap has been developed as a tool to help take the pain out of the record keeping process for Kashflow users. It is a mobile app led service which allows clients to record data wherever they are, in the office, at a customers or whilst travelling.

Now there is no excuse for losing that receipt for coffee with clients, all you have to do is take a photo of the receipt using your smartphone and the Iris snap app and the book keeping is taken care off for you.

Other processing methods

  • Receipts attached to e-mails can be forwarded to a specific account and processed
  • receipts can be scanned and entered into a dropbox folder for uploading (by accountant)


  • Remove the book keeping chore and focus on running your business freeing up valuable time. (no more time spent keying in data from paper records.
  • No more lost receipts potentially missing out on reclaimed vat (for vat registered business)
  • Full up to date information available from Kashflow within 24 hours. (allows better decision makin g and provides data for cashflow forecasting, budgeting and providing up to date management information using Iris Insight)
  • No need to keep paper records all documents held digitally

This ensures that your business records are completely up to date and allows you to make relevant decisions based on correct data.

To see how Kashflow, Iris snap and Iris Insight can help you run your business please get in touch either using our contact form or calling 01384 468320