Receipt Bank book keeping automation Software

What are the main problems with manual data entry and how can Receipt Bank help to cut down on non essential tasks?

1.      It’s very time consuming
It really doesn’t matter how quickly you type getting through entry fields is still slow……and then you have to double check to make what you have entered

2.     It’s open to mistakes
Data entry will occur even with the best data input clerks. When you are not that used to it or just tired from working in the business all day errors often creep in.

3.     It can be costly
If you do it yourself what could you be earning by getting extra revenue into the business? And you certainly cannot input anywhere near as quick as someone whose job it is.

4.     It can be open to misinterpretation
Data is often generated by one individual and entered by another. Information can be misread or notes misunderstood leading to extra calls to clarify or time taken in finding errors.

Automation solves the major problems with accounting data entry by saving time, reducing costs and eliminating human error.

Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank assists by eliminating a lot of the data entry. Documents can be captured by using your smartphone camera and app, by sending invoices to an e-mail address set up for Receipt Bank to automatically extract attached files, by adding files to a cloud data storage such as Dropbox or dragging and dropping a file directly into Receipt Bank. (It will even allow you to place receipts in an envelope and send to Receipt Bank for processing for a small additional charge).

Data fields are read and all information on the receipt is captured ready for review or interfacing to your chosen accounting software such as KashFlow or SageOne making the whole process quite effortless for a small monthly fee.

Alpha Business Services will set up Receipt Bank on your behalf and the setup fee could be paid over a period of time in line with accountancy fees.

If you want to reduce your data input call us on 01384 468320 or use our contact form and we can help reduce your admin workload allowing you to concentrate on running your business profitably.