From 13th January 2018 HMRC have advised that they will no longer be able to accept personal credit card payments.

Prviously HMRC have accepted credit card payments from individuals but this method of payment will no longer be available starting early in the new year.

HMRC’s had has apparently been forced by the changes brought about by EU law which will prohibit merchants, including HMRC, from recharging credit card fees to payers. As the government agency is only allowed to accept credit card payments on the basis that there is no cost to the public purse this new law means that it cannot accept credit card payments from the date the law is implemented.

The date that the change arises is before the end of January which is the cut off date for self assessment payments and, therefore, this may catch out a number of individuals who have left it late to pay their self assessment bill.

Note Corporate, business and commercial credit cards are not affected and debit card payments will still be taken.

See ‘how to pay HMRC ‘ for payment methods