Iris Snap released

A new data capture tool, Iris snap,  has been released to help make the life of businesses owners who use Kashflow so much easier.

Iris Snap is a mobile app led tool which allows the user to capture images of receipts, Invoices, Bank Statements and even purchase orders. The captured data is then processed in the background typically within 3 to 4 hours but within a maximum of 24 hours ready for the data to be published into Kashflow book keeping software saving the business user time and resources allowing them to concentrate more on running their business.

Data can be captured in a number of ways using Iris Snap

  • Via the mobile app
  • scanning and uploading documents (done by the accountant)
  • forwarding e-mails containing the receipt as an attachment


  • Data captured quickly and easily with little effort
  • Can be done anywhere and any time
  • No more lost receipts
  • Ensures vat registered businesses reclaim all input vat
  • Improves cashflow thorugh better and more up to date information
  • Paper records become a ‘thing of the past’
  • Makes working with your accountant far easier and quicker saving you time and money

Allied with Kashflow and Iris Insight this allows the business owner to keep on top of business performance with real time information being available and allowing the production of cashflow forecasts and key management information.

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